5 Reasons To Choose Homestays Over Your Next Visit To Coorg

By : Afza Kulsum

What enthralls you in Coorg? Obviously, the beauty amidst the lush green allure. Isn’t it? But have you ever wondered how it actually feels to travel around and stay in the most bewitching homestays fenced by the aroma of coffee and the fresh scent of flowers?

Well, you are right. It feels heavenly. ‘Paradise on Earth’-maybe this would be germane. A concoction of state highways and rock-strewn roads makes travelling around Coorg a zealous experience. The same roads take you to the winsome resorts and homestays leading you to an unbelievable capade – fresh and audacious.

The venue of homestays in Coorg is a beating itself. Though excessive rainfall has drastically affected these homestays in the past couple of years, the people of Coorg have tried to retain the tourism industry down the line so that tourist can enjoy the ravishing beauty. The pandemic has also shown its vigor around the entire area. Nevertheless, the goal is to control and maintain the consistency of the tourism industry.

Early morning walks, dew drops on the leaves, the fresh redolence of coffee, the essence of a soothing mind and most importantly happiness- the homestays and resorts in Coorg provide with these charm. The interesting Coorg Cuisine adds to the icing of the cake. The ingredients that make it interesting are seasonal produce and meat flavored judiciously with the local spices but still retains its natural flavor. The delicious ‘akki otti’, ‘kadambuttu’, the emblematic ‘pandi curry’ (pork curry), the mouth watering ‘paputtu and noolputtu’, the tender ‘Baimbale curry’ (bambooshoot curry) and so on add to the wonderful Coorg Cuisine. Delicious! Isn’t it?

The rippling water of the stream near some homestays is a delight to watch. Most homestays are situated on hill-tops giving way to breathe the purest air and sight the resplendent sky. But, in the midst of all these, have you tried to figure out how to reach one of your favorite homestays. Well, that’s easy. All the answers to your questions can be found in one place- Kodagu Now App.

Kodagu Now App is a recently developed app concerned mainly with Kodagu, to provide all the local information based on regional happenings, to help the locals as well as tourists with a variety of errands like providing news, helping to find jobs, information about cars and bikes and of course to book your favorite resorts and homestays at reasonable prices without any chaos. That sounds pretty interesting right? So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is download Kodagu Now App from your handy devices and receive all the needy information from the best and trending ‘one place app’.

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